Dotdotdot proudly presents
Konstfack Spring Swhow 2023 

I’m Going Through Changes and So Is the World

When we were asked to be the Degree Exhibition 2023 curators, the three of us sat down and discussed how we would tackle the huge task ahead. From the very start our goal has been simple – to apply our ethos in such a unique context whilst staying true to Dotdotdot’s core values. In our curatorial process we work by looking for shared narratives, finding connections between individual practices and projects. Drawing from theory, content and process to find collective perspectives, ideas and interests that we have woven into our curation.

It is both incredibly exciting and a real privilege to have been granted a backstage pass to see into so many different practices. We have let the exhibited works guide the curation, looking at both the physical work and the process behind it.

We see world-building in progress, the final outcome being the journey and not a fixed destination. Rather than fearing change, the beauty in the chaos that comes with transformation is embraced. These renegotiations are both theoretical and physical, applying new lenses to the mystery and meaning of changing one thing into another. Technology is harnessed to create circular design solutions that equally consider the environment and the consumer. The impending apocalypse is tackled head on with desires to preserve and protect as we live through the end of times. Identities are explored on a macro and micro scale through acts of resistance and restoration. Perception is taken beyond its natural conclusion. Tranquility is found both in religion and nature as someone or something that can be directly called upon to offer moments of reflection and respite. Emotion is used as a tool and a language to bring us into remembered worlds. Capturing moments that would otherwise be lost in time.

The graduating students of 2023 presents the world in all its bleak, hopeless, beautiful, hopeful glory. Exploring the endless stream of issues that come with being alive, with tenacity, tenderness and humour.

This, this is the way.


Graphic design
Laslo Strong
Lisa Juntunen Roos & Amy Worrall