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One of the most iconic things about plattan is the tile pattern, which leads us to reimagine the square as a giant swimming pool with the tiles becoming the tiled bottom of the pool. With over-sized people swimming in the lanes, along with pool inflatables. We are claiming the center of the city for joy. Creating a playful space for all to enjoy. The sculptures were made this summer during Dotdotdot’s ‘performative residency’ in the superellipse. The lane divider was made in collaboration with Tiotretton in Kulturhuset, in which we asked young people to depict their experiences with water and the freedom it offers to create a collective visual memory of swimming. By putting ourselves in this unknown environment and situation we hope to lift the curtain on our process and show just how vital craft and art is to a thriving city.


PhotoClement Morin

With the kind support of
Stockholms Stad, På Sergels Torg and