Dotdotdot proudly presents
HANG IN THERE (1-16 April)

Hang in there is a hybrid shop/exhibition; we have invited 45 artists to make clothes hangers. It's a clothes hanger shop that moonlights as a showcase of what is what in material based art right here, right now. Dotdotdot is a platform that strives to be accessible and open for material based artists, and with HIT we turned this idea to our audience as well, using the well recognized template of a hanger and an affordable fixed price point in hopes to make craft more universal. For the first time we have worked closely with designers; Tilda Aspelin and Revaz Berdzenishvili have created a cohesive environment both online and offline for HIT.


Graphic design
Tilda Aspelin
Interior designRevaz Berzenishvili @revaz.berdzenishvili
PhotoMaja Schein

With the kind support of
Stockholms Stad, HV-Gallery and